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I have been on a brilliant adventure today. To help me with my loose hips, my Humums said I should go to something called “Hydrotherapy”. That is a posh word for paddling on a treadmill.😂

I trotted off well with the hydrotherapist and my Humums were pleasantly surprised, as I can be a bit shy with new people, but I liked Shelby 😁.

I was very wiggly when they tried to measure my muscles in my back surprise there, I love wiggling. 😂

I was a little nervous of the treadmill as it made some strange noises when it filled up with water and then started moving, but Shelby helped me. I quickly learnt that the sides of the treadmill didn’t move 🤣.

Shelby and all at the vets fell in love with me❤ and she said I did ok for my first session, considering my Humums couldn’t go in with me. I did zoomies at the end 🤣🤣🤣

I am hoping to have some more sessions as I think I will be more relaxed in there next time and they can get working on building up my muscles.

I am very tired now and dreaming of going paddling again next week.

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