Pup Star Puppy Classes

Pup *Star* Puppy Classes are for puppies who are between 10-20 weeks old at the start of the course. Fun, informative and stimulating for owners and puppies.

Give your Canine Pup *star* the best start in life.
Lovely Lola

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Week 1- Basic Control
How dog’s learn.
First stage Bite inhibition
Watch Me & Name Game- Focus
Settle/boundary games
Sit – Down – Stand
Touch/Hand targeting
Recall Intro –Collar touch
Extend easiest position to 5 secs
Week 2- How to Play
Dogs and the Law
Second stage bite inhibition
Toys – controlled play & giving toy back
Basic positions , Joyful stays & Release
Collar on-off game.
Redirecting –Jumping up
Intro loose lead walking through games
Recall- long line/loose lead
Week 3 Recall, Focus & health checks
Puppy Speed Dating- polite meet and greets.
Grooming & Health checks.
Boundary games-Recap and release cue
Introduction to Magic Hand- Focus and loose lead work game
Introduction to Middle position.
Pass the puppy, Orientation games & Boxes games.
Week 4 What is that! New things and confidence building
Pass the puppy with hats, gloves, glasses and other new objects.
Recap puppy positions and increase the 3 D’s. Duration, Distance and Distraction.
Mini circuit- Middle, Magic Hand, Touch
Funder Game- recall work, confidence building and relationship  building.
DMT- Distraction, Mark, Reward- Creating a confidence, happy puppy who is real world ready.
Week 5 Combining Skills, Dogs and The Law
Recap Responsibilities of dog ownership & the Law
Building up boundary work and Joyful stays
Laser target toy game, collar touches and play time with recalls.
“Catch me if you can” recall game.
Loose lead work around other pups – A to B game
Week 6 Recaps and Proximity Games & Graduation
Review any skills- personal to pups.
Round the clock middle game- Recall and Focus
Fun Games to encourage close proximity- Orientation Dash, Leg weaves, The Wanger Game, Funder
Best trick competition.
Graduation Presentations and Photos.
Each week homework activities will be given to help you and your Pup *Star* have fun, consolidate skills and learn in different environments.

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