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Socialisation is FUN

My Humum’s have been working hard getting me to see, meet and sometimes play with other animals and people. My Humum Kate always wants me to look at her before I am allowed to say Hi, and when I am playing, I get treats for going back to check she is OK. Some times I […]

Work, Rest and Play

I have been busy over the last few days. I have played with Roxy and Gem at home and I am beginning to understand what the word “Finished” means……Well I think it means, stop jumping on Gem’s head and biting her tail.😂 I have been up to my Humum’s field and did some training on […]

The black, tan and chocolate gang

Today has been just the best day ever. My Humum Kate took me for a walk with Roxy and Gem but we also met up with Auntie Mandy and her two dogs, Millie and Oscar. They are known in the park as The Black and Tan Gang. Well now we are known as The Black, […]

Shopping v Play

Today my Humum’s needed to go shopping, so I went along for the ride. It was a bit scary with all the trollies and cars around, but Humum Kate, played lots of games with me and in the end I was fine. Lots of people wanted to say hi to me, but Kate only let […]


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My name is Skip.
Skip’s Blog

Hi, I’m Skip. I am a Working Cocker Spaniel and I have been rehomed with Kate and Lorrie, my HuMums, who own The Canine Hub.

Follow my journey, all the up’s and down’s, as I go through my training adventures.

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