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I did it Again..Grade 3 here I come.

My Humum’s took me and my doggie sisters camping again over the Bank Holiday weekend. It was to play Agility again.

I loved it. Apparently I did a really good run and managed to be quicker than any of the other grade 2 dogs there. My Humum’s tell me I am now a grade 3 dog…I have no idea what that means, but I just love bombing around the agility courses as fast as I can.

Here is my winning run.

When we got home there was a package waiting for us. In it was the trophy I won for my 1st win in an agility competition, over the Easter Weekend.

I ❤️Agility. When are we going again Humum?

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I won my 1st Agility Competition

Over Easter my Humums took us all camping at an agility competition. I had been camping last year and loved it, but this trip was different as I was old enough to join in the competition, and as you all know, I ❤️ AGILITY.

I had an absolute ball and my humums were very pleased with me. The last day we were there I won my 1st Agility Grade1-2 Competiton.

I also managed a second place in a Grade 2 Jumping run too.

Roll on the next Agility Camping Trip.

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I went clear in my 1st KC Agility Show

My Humum’s got me and my sisters up really early this morning…5.15am. We were all off to my first proper agility show.

Wow it was brilliant. There were loads of other dogs there, but we were not allowed to play with any of them, but we did play my favourite game…AGILITY.

My Humum Kate was very pleased with me, apparently I managed to get round one of the courses without Kate going wrong. I won a fab clear round rosette.

My 1st Clear round ribbon

Here is my clear round in a combined jumping grade 1 to 4, I nearly went off to the wrong jump at the end. 🤣

I can’t wait until my next show. Agility is just the best.❤

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My first Agility Competition

Today my humums Kate & Lorrie took me to my very 1st Agility Competition. It was quite close to home, so we were not in the van for very long.

Humum Kate told me it was all about having fun, so that’s what I did. It was brilliant.😁 I had 3 runs and although I got eliminated in each one Kate was very pleased with me.

This was my first run, I missed a couple of jumps out as I wanted to keep up with Kate.

Here are my other 2 runs

I really wanted to go in the tunnels
Kate was very happy with my weaving

I can’t wait until my next agility competition.

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Play Date with my Mates

Today my Humum’s Kate & Lorrie took me and my sisters to a place called Pawmaster. It was like a big playground just for dogs.

When we got there, my mates Millie and Oscar and their Humum, Mandy were also there.

We all loved it. There was loads to do.

This is my sister Gem.
This is my sister Roxy
This is me with my mates Millie and Oscar
My mate Millie was great playing music.
Me and my sisters on the trampoline.
WOW How many balls?

We had the best play date and I am now very sleepy and dreaming about all the fun we had.

That was just the bestest New Year’s treat ever.

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I am loving playing agility

Now that my hips have been given the all clear, my humum Kate has been working me hard at with my fitness and agility.

She took me to a Canine Conditioning workshop, where I had to walk really slowly over low bars. I found it really difficult as I just wanted to run around .

I have also been doing loads of running on planks and seesaws. It’s great fun. I just need my Humum Kate to keep up with me.

Kate was very pleased with me and I just love playing Agility.

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I’ve been on a Mini Adventure to Nana’s

Over the last few days, Humum Kate took me up to see Nana, who live in North Wales. It was a long drive, but definitely worth it.

I love seeing Nana, who by the way, thinks I am a very good boy.

I love my Nana and Nana loves me too.

I also get to play on the Beach, I really love the beach, especially when the tide is out.

Thank you Nana for letting me come and visit you. ❤

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Good News-Bad News

So, first the good news. Now that I am just about fully grown, my Humum’s had my hips xrayed again. If you have all been following my blog, you will know that at about 6 months I had a problem with one of my hips. It was a bit loose. I have been working really hard with hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and other stuff to try and sort it out.

Well GOOD NEWS. I have been give the all clear. My hip is 100% OK and my Humum Kate said we can now really start to play Agility.

Now the Bad News. While I was having my xrays, the vets also removed my 2 dangle bits. I am recovering well and my Humum’s are very pleased with how I am coping with just lead walks.

I did get a new food puzzle toy which I really like.

But most of all I love cuddles with Humum Kate on the sofa.

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I am officially Handsome & Happy

Today my Humum’s took me and my sisters to something called a Fun Dog Show. It sure was fun.

There were loads of other dogs and people there and I got quite excited to start with. Humum Kate walked me round a bit and gave me some treats.

Next we went into a ring with lots of other dogs. They were all boy dogs too but I was a good boy and focused on my Humum. Kate played with ball with me so I was well Happy. This lovely lady came round and said hello to all the dogs in the ring, then she came back to me and gave me a Red Rosette and told me as was the Most Handsome Dog out of all the other dogs.

Later on in the afternoon we went in the big ring again and my Humum Kate play games with me. I was so happy that my tail never stopped wagging. Then the lovely lady came over again and said I had The Waggiest Tail and gave me another 1st place Red Ribbon.

So it is official. I am the most handsome and happy dog.

I am now very tired after the Fun Dog Show.

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I Love Summer ❤ but I think I will like Autumn too.❤

I have been super busy over the summer having my photo taken and camping trips.

My Humum’s organised a photo shoot for me. It was hard work posing in lots of different places around Wrest Park. Here are a few of the photos

We also went on lots of camping trips. I love camping too.

I don’t want summer to end but I am already liking the idea of Autumn and collecting the apples in the garden.