Really Reliable Recall

Recall Training Online Course

Do you struggle to recall your dog back on a walk or even from your garden?

Does your dog….
Turn a deaf ear when you call?
Struggle to come away from playing with their canine buddies or hunting out the squirrels?
Practice social distancing and stay 2 meters away from you?
Show you up in public?
Have less off lead time because you lack confidence in your dogs recall?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then our flexible online REALLY RELIABLE RECALL course, is for you. We will guide you through a series of instructional videos, which will arm you with all the tools you need to build the recall of your dreams.

All this for just £35

Why is a Really Reliable Recall so important? First and foremost. SAFETY. Being able to recall your dog can prevent a number of dangerous and life-threatening situations, like being hit by a car, running away, approaching an aggressive dog or other wildlife and calling off discarded food. Secondly, FREEDOM. You and your dog will enjoy many more walks with the added freedom of off lead time.

So what will you get?

🔶️16 video lessons that take you from the beginning and progress through to a full recall with distractions, with full explanations and clear demonstrations covering:
    🔸️Discovering your dog’s motivation.
    🔸️Understanding the stages of a really reliable recall.
    🔸️Introducing a new recall cue.
    🔸️Fun recall games for each stage of recall including: working with distractions.

🔶️ Life time access so that you can work at your own pace.

🔶️ Access to a dedicated Facebook group for:
     🔸️Tips and tricks

Spend just 5 minutes each day on the games and you and your Canine Buddy can start to build that awesome Really Reliable Recall, that will give you the freedom to enjoy those long stress free walks.

You get to keep the course for life, so you can work through it at you and your dogs own pace. You can re visit and replay the videos at any time.

This course is suitable for any age dog, from young pup star to the older dog who has become unreliable with their recall on a walk.

All this for just £35

Photo by K Lamacraft

All this for just £35

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