Basic FUNdamental and Beyond The Basics Classes

Educate, train and socialise with your dog and like-minded people. Force free and Fun for all. Equip your Canine best friend with essential skills for life. We have a games based approach to training

Basic Fundamentals are for dogs over 5 months old that are NEW to games based training

Beyond The Basics are aimed at dogs who have completed our PupStars or Beyond The Basics or who have some experience of Games Based training.


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Pro Trainer Life Skills Lesson 1- Basic control
Speed Dating- Dogs 3 sec meet and greet- assess dogs body language.
Boundary game intro – setting up your space to work, why we use a boundary
Watch me- use of marker for rewards
Name game- proximity vortex game
Touch games-hand/target introduce Collar touch with touch
Sit, down, Stand verbal cue and nonverbal cues- use of lure V reward.
Loose lead work games
Homework- Proof basic commands in different places. Bring toy next week.

Pro Trainer Life Skills Lesson 2- Recalls & Focus
Polite Greetings-Dogs 3 second meet and greet start to use name/ touch/watch me for control.
Boundary games & release command and rebound back.
How to play with dog /Two toy switch game- Laser target game, collar touch game.
Introduction to Middle and release cue
Funder game- recall work
Real life focus games
a) The Stop Go game -Intro to sit and play,
b) Intro sit- name, recall, play, sit
c) Intro down-name-recall-play-down
Homework- Play hide & seek with dog in as many place as you can.

Pro Trainer Life Skills Lesson 3-Out and about skills recalls and focus
Speed dating Dogs 3 sec meet and greet start to use name/ touch/watch me for control.
A to B- getting away when needed and refocusing.
Fill your Boots game.
Joyful stays- add more distance and cones. Ask for a different position before releasing
Magic Hand Introduction- Catching treats
Middle Bowling Game
Boundary games- recap and emphasise release command.
Orientation Games- Backward game & Funder game
Catch me if you can game
Homework -Hide and seek recall & Middle in 5 different places

Pro Trainer Life skills Lesson 4 -Out and about
A to B revision.- How to avoid trouble on a walk
Crazy Lady game throughout the lesson.
Middle- play round the clock and send out to release.
Magic Hand catching- add movement if dogs are catching
Funder – gaining more distance with throw under legs
Revisit- touch
Out and about- DMT
Real life out and about walk- DMT everything. Use touch, orientation, close, middle, A to B etc Count new things or mental note of thing dogs reacted to.

Pro Trainer Life skills Lesson 5-Combining skills, Recalls, Dogs and the Law

Boundary games- use of release cue- with distractions- ie dropped food, pretend to throw food, mouse games off the boundary.
Joyful stays- release cue. Intro Premack games -needs desire to toy or food add a change of position before release.

Laser target toy to get interest –
Catch me if you can around obstacles-

Loose lead work with other dogs around -watching body language of others etc Use A to B when needed
Home work- Teach a trick for next week.

Pro Trainer Fun and Focus Lesson 6- Impulse control & Proximity Games with an agility focus
Middle- and release command- play around the clock to get into middle position by throwing treat out to different angles.
Games for Proximity in small groups
Game 1-Orientation Dash – adding a jump or 2 between
Game 2-Leg weaves
Game 3-Introduce the Wanger game, circles, figure 8’s. straight lines
Agility related- Joyful stays- release cue. Jumps and Tunnels
Whip it game- While waiting can do mini obstacle course
Graduation and Photos
Each week homework activities will be given to help you and Canine Buddy have fun, consolidate skills and learn in different environments.