Puppy and Dog Training 1-2-1 Appointments and Packages

All our one to one’s are currently held at our training field in Oakley.

Puppy or Dog Training Package 1 (1 x 45 minute session.)

Suitable if you just need a bit of advice, guidance and training on one area to put you on the right track. (£50)

Puppy or Dog Training Package 2 (2 x 45 minute sessions.)

Great for a quick follow up to make sure you are still on the right track to solving your dog or puppy’s struggle. We will assess your struggle, leave you with a training plan and then in the second session follow up and progress(£90)

Puppy or Dog Training Package 3 (4 x 45 minute sessions.)

Brilliant if you and your dog have a struggle like pulling on the lead, lack of recall or general lack of focus. The sessions will build up good foundations and progress the skills needed each session. ( £175)

Puppy or Dog Training Package 4 (6 x 45 minute sessions.)

An awesome option if you can’t make weekly classes. We can work on all that is covered in the Pup Star, Basic Fundamentals Class and Beyond The Basics Course. Alternatively these sessions can be geared towards any struggles you may be having with your Canine Buddy. (£250)

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