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Poorly Puppy

My Humum’s have been noticing that I don’t always put the full weight through my back left leg, so they took me to The Doggy Doctors. The Doggy Doctor said she agreed with my Mum’s and that they needed to have a closer look to see what was going on, so I went in for some x rays today.

They said my knees and hocks were fine, but my left hip joint was a bit loose, and causing the ball to slip and slide about a bit. They keep talking about a person called “a physio” who will help build up the muscle mass around my joint to keep it tighter.

I didn’t feel very well after the visit to the Doggy Doctors and didn’t want to get out of Kate’s van she we got home. Kate carried me in and a have been sleeping lots every since.

It’s been a long day. 😥

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