Puppy Foundation Agility Classes

The fun activities and games are all low impact, but they will give your Pup a good grounding in many skills required in Agility.


Please note that due to the development of dog’s bones and growth plates, this course does not include teaching full weaves or using any of the full height contact equipment.

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Week 1
Assess basic skills – Choice of reward / reward criteria.
Sit, down on command (on lead).
Reaction to other dogs.
Recall on and off lead.
Using play and reward to teach new behaviours- Fun Games
Week 2-6
The Foundation Agility classes will involve lots of fun activities each week which aim to get you and your Pup working happily together. They will help build up body awareness, co-ordination, drive and control in both you and your Pup.
We will cover the following in the classes:
1. Use play & reward to teach ‘new behaviours’
2. Motivation and drive games.
3. Directional commands
4. Following body movement (shadow handling)
5. Teaching a ‘target behaviour’ for future contact training
6. How to teach a ‘happy wait’
7. Foot placement, working on ground poles (body awareness)
8. Confidence on different surfaces
9. Impulse control (working around other dogs)
10. Forward focus
11. Co-ordination and balance
12. Basic handling techniques
13. Tunnel games
14. Flat work
15. Lots and lots of play.