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The black, tan and chocolate gang

Today has been just the best day ever. My Humum Kate took me for a walk with Roxy and Gem but we also met up with Auntie Mandy and her two dogs, Millie and Oscar. They are known in the park as The Black and Tan Gang. Well now we are known as The Black, Tan and Chocolate Gang. We had such fun. Kate carried me so of the way because she said it was too far for my little legs.

I crashed out as soon as I got home.

I also made an appearance in Kate’s Facebook live. I demonstrated how to walk on a lead and some nose touches too. I was in the dog house a bit as I had a poo in the background while Kate was talking. It’s OK she did laugh about it. But when a puppy has to go, they have to go, and I needed to go 😁

Later in the afternoon I had a fab play time with Gem.

It really has been the bestest day ever.❤

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