Skip's Blog

I’m home

Hello, My name is Skip, well it is now. I am only 17 weeks old, but I found myself a Spaniel Aid after two previous homes where I was called Ralph and Loki.

On Friday 6th November 2020 I arrived in my forever home, after a long drive in Kate’s van. I was shattered, but my new HuMums Kate & Lorrie, had set up a lovely cosy play pen and crate for me to crash out in.

This is my HuMum, Lorrie. She gives the best cuddles.

This is my Humum Kate, she has already started to teach me things, like, it really pays well (in treats) to stay close to my mum’s .

I also have two new sisters, Roxy and Gem. They are still getting use to having a youngster in their home, but I have already had a play with both of them.

I hope you all enjoy reading about my journey in my forever home.

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