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A busy morning

After a day to recover from my journey to my forever home, my Humum’s took me out and about this morning.

First we went and saw Auntie Mandy at The Priory, I was excited and pleased to meet Mandy in a large open field and it was fab to practise some recalls. Really I just run around getting lots of treats from everyone. I was so tired after that so I went home with Lorrie and had a bit of a kip.

Next I went to a pet shop as I needed a few chews. My mum’s thought it would be a good opportunity to see how coped outand about. I was not as confident as they was expecting, the noises in in the shop spooked me a little bit, especially the beep of the till. I did however, say hello to to some lovely ladies in the shop, which was much better.

I also popped in to see Grandma and Grandad on the way home. All was good, I like to travel in the van and Grandma and Grandad were lovelyand made a real fuss of me. I did not at all like their cuckoo clock, and it wasn’t even sounding the hour but I did have a bark at it. A few treats later from Kate and some how it didn’t seem quite as scary.

My Humum Kate is already starting to write up a training plan to help feel more confident and optimistic about stuff out and about.

I’m off for another sleep now.

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