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My 1st day at Puppy School

Today, my Humum Kate, took me to some where she called Puppy School

Kate has done loads of training with me already, but she said she wanted to see how awesome I was training around other puppies, so we went some where other than The Canine Hub. My humum said the more places I train, the better and I would be also going to another puppy school on Sunday.

I listened really well to our teacher, Laura.

It was great, every time I looked at Kate, she gave me a treat. I was fab at doing sit, down, stands too.

I also smashed walking nicely on my lead, although there was another lovely spaniel girlie pup that I wanted to say hi to.

We finished with a really fun recall game. Laura asked me to demonstrate it.

I really liked puppy school and can’t wait to go next week.

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