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All clear at the vets.

My mum’s were really pleased with me last night, as I didn’t need them to come down and comfort me. I think it was because they left the kitchen light on.

I had a great, fun, fab run around our field today with both my sisters, Roxy and Gem.

I slept most of the afternoon, with a couple of blasts around the garden with Gem.

My Humum’s then took me up the vets for a puppy introduction and a quick once over. All the vets and nurses thought I was fab. A great weight for my age, good ears (although I and my Mum’s think they are awesome) fab coat and all in all I am looking good. They did say I needed another set of jabs at the end of the month. The vets said I was very well behaved, even though my Kate and Lorrie couldn’t come in.

At the vets

Humum Kate also did a great training session outside the vets with me. I am working hard on learning my new name and focusing back to Kate when other distractions are around. Kate was very pleased with me.

A busy day was wrapped up with a socially distanced, footpath meet up with Humum Lorrie’s Sister, niece and nephew. They all thought I was awesome. (Which of course, I am )

I now need to sleep đź’¤

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I aced my recalls!

Life in my forever home is great. This morning I played with my sister, Gem , in the garden. I think she really likes me.

This afternoon my Humum Kate took me to The Priory Country Park, where I met another lovely doggie called Flora, with her Humum Hiedi. Flora was much calmer than all the other dogs I have met and we had a fab sniffy walk. It was great as every time a went back to see Kate, I got a lovely treat.

We even had another dog join in the recall games, she must have liked cheese too.

I was very tired after and slept the rest of the afternoon.

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Play time

I have had a lovely day playing today. I went with Humum Kate today to The Priory Country Park. Kate had a fab tuggy toy which I really enjoyed chasing and catching. What was great was, I also got a treat when I let it go again. The added bonus was Kate then let me play with it again.

I was also very lucky to have a fab play date with Rusty the Beagle Puppy. We had great fun running, chasing, tumbling and once again, every time so went back to Kate, she gave me a treat and then let me play again.

Kate was very pleased with me and I was very tired and just a little bit soggy.


After I got home I had an afternoon nap, then both my humum’s took me up to a big field with my sister Gem, and guess what? Yes I got to play again. Gem was very quick and both my Mum’s were really pleased to see us running around together

I was very tired after that and slept again. I really have enjoyed my lovely play day.

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A busy morning

After a day to recover from my journey to my forever home, my Humum’s took me out and about this morning.

First we went and saw Auntie Mandy at The Priory, I was excited and pleased to meet Mandy in a large open field and it was fab to practise some recalls. Really I just run around getting lots of treats from everyone. I was so tired after that so I went home with Lorrie and had a bit of a kip.

Next I went to a pet shop as I needed a few chews. My mum’s thought it would be a good opportunity to see how coped outand about. I was not as confident as they was expecting, the noises in in the shop spooked me a little bit, especially the beep of the till. I did however, say hello to to some lovely ladies in the shop, which was much better.

I also popped in to see Grandma and Grandad on the way home. All was good, I like to travel in the van and Grandma and Grandad were lovelyand made a real fuss of me. I did not at all like their cuckoo clock, and it wasn’t even sounding the hour but I did have a bark at it. A few treats later from Kate and some how it didn’t seem quite as scary.

My Humum Kate is already starting to write up a training plan to help feel more confident and optimistic about stuff out and about.

I’m off for another sleep now.

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I’m home

Hello, My name is Skip, well it is now. I am only 17 weeks old, but I found myself a Spaniel Aid after two previous homes where I was called Ralph and Loki.

On Friday 6th November 2020 I arrived in my forever home, after a long drive in Kate’s van. I was shattered, but my new HuMums Kate & Lorrie, had set up a lovely cosy play pen and crate for me to crash out in.

This is my HuMum, Lorrie. She gives the best cuddles.

This is my Humum Kate, she has already started to teach me things, like, it really pays well (in treats) to stay close to my mum’s .

I also have two new sisters, Roxy and Gem. They are still getting use to having a youngster in their home, but I have already had a play with both of them.

I hope you all enjoy reading about my journey in my forever home.