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My Nana & Beach Adventures

My Humum Kate took me on a mini adventure to visit her Mum, my Nana , who lives in North Wales, near something called a beach.

Nana thought I was lovely. I was on my very best behaviour, no jumping up or zooming around, as Nana is not too steady on her feet.

I loved Nana and she loved me too.

Nana lives really close to a beach and I had an amazing time playing, swimming and running around on the sand.

I can’t wait to go back to the Beach and visit Nana again. It was the best mini adventure ever.

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Beware of The Bumble Bees

I have been a bit poorly today. The day started really well, with fun and games with my Mum and doggie Sisters.

I then had a play in the garden and had fun chasing a bumble bee 🐝 . My mum didn’t see me chasing it, and when she did I had already caught it in my mouth.

I think it stung me. After 5 minutes I didn’t feel very well. I went all funny and sleepy. My Humum Kate noticed that my gums were really pale and I just wanted to go to sleep.

The next thing I knew was that Kate was putting me in our van, where I was really sick. We were off to the Doggie Doctor as fast as we could go.

The lovely Vet checked me over, gave me a couple of injections. One was an antihistamine and the other an anti sickness jab. She also took some blood to test.

I started to feel a bit better and they let me go home.

I slept for the rest of the morning, My blood results came back all clear, but my Humum’s have now got to carry some Periton around with them now, just I case I get stung again.

I am back to myself now and had a play in the field this afternoon with my doggie sisters.

My Humum’s told me I am not allowed to play with Bumble Bees any more.

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Keeping Cool

It has been a bit hot the last few days. My Humum’s have let me play in a paddling pool. It has been great fun

I love paddling.

I have also learnt that long grass is cool too.

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Puppy Agility Camp was AWESOME

Last week my Humum’s took me and my doggie sisters camping. It wasn’t just any camping holiday it was an agility camp.

I loved camping.
Gem and Roxy, my big sisters

Gem, my sister is fab at agility and I hope that one day I will be as good as her.

My humum Kate was very pleased with me and I just had an awesome time.

I can’t wait to go camping again. ❀

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I Love Agility

My Humum, Kate has been playing with me at a game called AGILITY. I loved bombing around, through tunnels and chasing Kate.

I am not allowed to do any jumps or too many tight turns yet, as Kate said I’m not old enough but I can’t wait until I am.

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I think I like “Town”

My Humum’s took me on a big adventure today. We went to somewhere called “Town”.

Off in the car we went, and when we got there, we were in a place with loads of other cars. I had never seen so many…ever.

I was a little unsure of the lift in the carpark, Humum Kate gave me some yummy treats, which helped a lot and a realises it was not too scary.

There were so many new smells, noises and things around. I had never seen a pram or trolly before and the traffic was very loud.

Next we went to my Humum’s Hairdresser, as she has been really looking forward to meeting me. I was even allowed in, so I thought I better behave, which I did. They all loved me.

I think I liked “Town”, but there were some scary moments too.

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I’ve had a hair cut!

My Humum Kate took me to a place called The Groomers today. (Tracy Rose Groomers, Clapham)

It was brilliant, they played loads of games with me, feed me lots of treats and we played with toys too.

While all this was going on they kept turning on different things. One blew air out and I really liked that one as I seemed to get lots more treats when it came on. Another made a buzzing sound and everytime it when near my feet I got more treats.

My Humum said my feet look much tidier and I also had some of my puppy fluff hand striped out too. I have also lost a bit of hair from my top knot too.

I am going back next week for the 2nd of 3 introductory puppy sessions. I am very happy about that, so I can play and get more treats.

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Hydro,Cheese and Film Star

Today I went paddling again. My Humum’s said it will help get my hip stronger.

I really like going to hydrotherapy as I get fed cheese. 😁

I have also been to my 1st agility show over Easter as both my sisters Roxy and Gem were competing. I’m not old enough yet to start proper agility training but I can do some nice waits, tunnels and loopy turns.

My Humum Kate has also finally finished filming our online puppy course and this week published it. She said I was a very good boy for starring in all the films. Check me out β­πŸ•β­

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I have been on a brilliant adventure today. To help me with my loose hips, my Humums said I should go to something called “Hydrotherapy”. That is a posh word for paddling on a treadmill.πŸ˜‚

I trotted off well with the hydrotherapist and my Humums were pleasantly surprised, as I can be a bit shy with new people, but I liked Shelby 😁.

I was very wiggly when they tried to measure my muscles in my back surprise there, I love wiggling. πŸ˜‚

I was a little nervous of the treadmill as it made some strange noises when it filled up with water and then started moving, but Shelby helped me. I quickly learnt that the sides of the treadmill didn’t move 🀣.

Shelby and all at the vets fell in love with me❀ and she said I did ok for my first session, considering my Humums couldn’t go in with me. I did zoomies at the end 🀣🀣🀣

I am hoping to have some more sessions as I think I will be more relaxed in there next time and they can get working on building up my muscles.

I am very tired now and dreaming of going paddling again next week.

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Poorly Puppy

My Humum’s have been noticing that I don’t always put the full weight through my back left leg, so they took me to The Doggy Doctors. The Doggy Doctor said she agreed with my Mum’s and that they needed to have a closer look to see what was going on, so I went in for some x rays today.

They said my knees and hocks were fine, but my left hip joint was a bit loose, and causing the ball to slip and slide about a bit. They keep talking about a person called “a physio” who will help build up the muscle mass around my joint to keep it tighter.

I didn’t feel very well after the visit to the Doggy Doctors and didn’t want to get out of Kate’s van she we got home. Kate carried me in and a have been sleeping lots every since.

It’s been a long day. πŸ˜₯