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My first Agility Competition

Today my humums Kate & Lorrie took me to my very 1st Agility Competition. It was quite close to home, so we were not in the van for very long.

Humum Kate told me it was all about having fun, so that’s what I did. It was brilliant.😁 I had 3 runs and although I got eliminated in each one Kate was very pleased with me.

This was my first run, I missed a couple of jumps out as I wanted to keep up with Kate.

Here are my other 2 runs

I really wanted to go in the tunnels
Kate was very happy with my weaving

I can’t wait until my next agility competition.

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Play Date with my Mates

Today my Humum’s Kate & Lorrie took me and my sisters to a place called Pawmaster. It was like a big playground just for dogs.

When we got there, my mates Millie and Oscar and their Humum, Mandy were also there.

We all loved it. There was loads to do.

This is my sister Gem.
This is my sister Roxy
This is me with my mates Millie and Oscar
My mate Millie was great playing music.
Me and my sisters on the trampoline.
WOW How many balls?

We had the best play date and I am now very sleepy and dreaming about all the fun we had.

That was just the bestest New Year’s treat ever.