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Good News-Bad News

So, first the good news. Now that I am just about fully grown, my Humum’s had my hips xrayed again. If you have all been following my blog, you will know that at about 6 months I had a problem with one of my hips. It was a bit loose. I have been working really hard with hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and other stuff to try and sort it out.

Well GOOD NEWS. I have been give the all clear. My hip is 100% OK and my Humum Kate said we can now really start to play Agility.

Now the Bad News. While I was having my xrays, the vets also removed my 2 dangle bits. I am recovering well and my Humum’s are very pleased with how I am coping with just lead walks.

I did get a new food puzzle toy which I really like.

But most of all I love cuddles with Humum Kate on the sofa.

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