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I am officially Handsome & Happy

Today my Humum’s took me and my sisters to something called a Fun Dog Show. It sure was fun.

There were loads of other dogs and people there and I got quite excited to start with. Humum Kate walked me round a bit and gave me some treats.

Next we went into a ring with lots of other dogs. They were all boy dogs too but I was a good boy and focused on my Humum. Kate played with ball with me so I was well Happy. This lovely lady came round and said hello to all the dogs in the ring, then she came back to me and gave me a Red Rosette and told me as was the Most Handsome Dog out of all the other dogs.

Later on in the afternoon we went in the big ring again and my Humum Kate play games with me. I was so happy that my tail never stopped wagging. Then the lovely lady came over again and said I had The Waggiest Tail and gave me another 1st place Red Ribbon.

So it is official. I am the most handsome and happy dog.

I am now very tired after the Fun Dog Show.

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