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My Nana & Beach Adventures

My Humum Kate took me on a mini adventure to visit her Mum, my Nana , who lives in North Wales, near something called a beach.

Nana thought I was lovely. I was on my very best behaviour, no jumping up or zooming around, as Nana is not too steady on her feet.

I loved Nana and she loved me too.

Nana lives really close to a beach and I had an amazing time playing, swimming and running around on the sand.

I can’t wait to go back to the Beach and visit Nana again. It was the best mini adventure ever.

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Beware of The Bumble Bees

I have been a bit poorly today. The day started really well, with fun and games with my Mum and doggie Sisters.

I then had a play in the garden and had fun chasing a bumble bee 🐝 . My mum didn’t see me chasing it, and when she did I had already caught it in my mouth.

I think it stung me. After 5 minutes I didn’t feel very well. I went all funny and sleepy. My Humum Kate noticed that my gums were really pale and I just wanted to go to sleep.

The next thing I knew was that Kate was putting me in our van, where I was really sick. We were off to the Doggie Doctor as fast as we could go.

The lovely Vet checked me over, gave me a couple of injections. One was an antihistamine and the other an anti sickness jab. She also took some blood to test.

I started to feel a bit better and they let me go home.

I slept for the rest of the morning, My blood results came back all clear, but my Humum’s have now got to carry some Periton around with them now, just I case I get stung again.

I am back to myself now and had a play in the field this afternoon with my doggie sisters.

My Humum’s told me I am not allowed to play with Bumble Bees any more.