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I think I like “Town”

My Humum’s took me on a big adventure today. We went to somewhere called “Town”.

Off in the car we went, and when we got there, we were in a place with loads of other cars. I had never seen so many…ever.

I was a little unsure of the lift in the carpark, Humum Kate gave me some yummy treats, which helped a lot and a realises it was not too scary.

There were so many new smells, noises and things around. I had never seen a pram or trolly before and the traffic was very loud.

Next we went to my Humum’s Hairdresser, as she has been really looking forward to meeting me. I was even allowed in, so I thought I better behave, which I did. They all loved me.

I think I liked “Town”, but there were some scary moments too.

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