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I’ve had a hair cut!

My Humum Kate took me to a place called The Groomers today. (Tracy Rose Groomers, Clapham)

It was brilliant, they played loads of games with me, feed me lots of treats and we played with toys too.

While all this was going on they kept turning on different things. One blew air out and I really liked that one as I seemed to get lots more treats when it came on. Another made a buzzing sound and everytime it when near my feet I got more treats.

My Humum said my feet look much tidier and I also had some of my puppy fluff hand striped out too. I have also lost a bit of hair from my top knot too.

I am going back next week for the 2nd of 3 introductory puppy sessions. I am very happy about that, so I can play and get more treats.

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