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Let it Snow

I didn’t understand why my sisters Gem and Roxy were so excited about this white stuff falling from the sky. It was snow. I tried to catch it on my tongue.

It just kept falling from the sky. I soon realised that it was great fun.

I played and played and played with my sisters.

and played…

and played some more, even in the dark.

It was still there the following day. So Humum, Kate took me up the park to train, well that is what she calls it. I call it playing.

I would just like to say.


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Work, Rest & Play

I have been a very busy puppy recently. My humum Kate, has been playing with me, live on Facebook. Well I call it playing, Kate calls it training.

I have also been playing on my walks and discovered big sandy play areas. I loved running around in them. Kate said when we get out of Lockdown then maybe we could go somewhere called ‘a beach’ . She thinks I will like the beach

I have also had a lovely walk with another puppy spaniel. I really enjoyed running around with her.

All this working and playing, means I like to sleep snuggled on the sofa.

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Happy Half Birthday

Apparently today is my 6 month Birthday. We went out for a lovely walk with my sisters and my friend Millie and Oscar. I hadn’t seen them for ages.

I had a a lovely time running around with my friends. My Humum Kate said she wanted some nice pictures of me on my Half Birthday.

I went for the cute, puppy look to start with.

Mr Skip and his cute puppy look.

Then I decided I would try the very noble Mr Skip look. I think I pulled it off.🤣

Mr Skip the posser.

When I got home I was very tired and decided I would see what it was like sleeping on the arm of the settee.

Mr Skip, I can sleep anywhere.