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Work, Rest & Play

I have been a very busy puppy recently. My humum Kate, has been playing with me, live on Facebook. Well I call it playing, Kate calls it training.

I have also been playing on my walks and discovered big sandy play areas. I loved running around in them. Kate said when we get out of Lockdown then maybe we could go somewhere called ‘a beach’ . She thinks I will like the beach

I have also had a lovely walk with another puppy spaniel. I really enjoyed running around with her.

All this working and playing, means I like to sleep snuggled on the sofa.

Skip's Blog

Happy Half Birthday

Apparently today is my 6 month Birthday. We went out for a lovely walk with my sisters and my friend Millie and Oscar. I hadn’t seen them for ages.

I had a a lovely time running around with my friends. My Humum Kate said she wanted some nice pictures of me on my Half Birthday.

I went for the cute, puppy look to start with.

Mr Skip and his cute puppy look.

Then I decided I would try the very noble Mr Skip look. I think I pulled it off.🤣

Mr Skip the posser.

When I got home I was very tired and decided I would see what it was like sleeping on the arm of the settee.

Mr Skip, I can sleep anywhere.