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Another Day, Another Puppy Class

It was very misty out today and my Humum Kate took be to a different puppy class this morning, it was outside and a bit chilly. She said it would be good for me to learn in as many different places as possible.

Kate was very pleased with me, as I focused really well on her. Well she still feeds me treats when I look at her, so why wouldn’t I.😁

While we are training, well I call it playing, a horse came by, really close. I wasn’t afraid, and Kate rewarded me with more treats .

I did some great recall work and focusing around the other pups and we finished the puppy class with a noise box. I loved it and wasn’t afraid of the noise. To be fair, It was just like a big food bowl with noisy stuff in it.

I am really liking this thing called “Training”. When can we go again Kate?

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