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Christmas and my Naming Day

I loved Christmas, lots of new toys and a very tasty Christmas dinner.

My HuMum Kate has told me today, that I have a very posh Kennel Club name. Apparently if you ever want to compete in any of the Kennel Club sports like agility or Flyball and you don’t have pedigree papers, then your HuMum gets to pick a name for you and you get put on the Activities Register.

Well my Kennel Club name is……wait for it…..


Mr Skip the Hubster

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Play, Recall and Sniffing

This morning I went to work with my Humum Kate. I did some playing, (Kate calls it training.) I played at staying close to her and then we played with my favourite tuggy toy.

I also got to play with the lovely Ella and Jack. Jack was so fast I couldn’t catch him, but it was great fun trying. Everytime I went back to Kate, I got a scrummy treat. I think she calls this a recall. I call it “awesome fun”.

This afternoon I got to do some more playing at ” awesome fun ” when I went out for a walk with my sisters Roxy and Gem. I really enjoyed “Spanieling ” in the long grass.

Humum Kate has also started to play some scentwork games with me too, which I really love 💘

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Out and about day

I have had a very busy day today. Humum Kate took me and my sisters out for another fab walk.

Then I went Christmas Shopping at ‘”Go Outdoors” It was awesome in there. So much to see, like tents, bikes, clothes and shoes. The lovely staff made me very welcome with some tummy rubs.

I even got to play on a wooden slope there too.

I also got to play up at my Humum’s field today with Gem. We ran hard and fast. I love chasing her.

I also have lost some of my baby teeth now. Gem said she was very pleased about that, but I do still have one of my fangs left.

Its been a lovely out and about day.

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Muddy walks and Christmas trees

Today my Humum Kate, took me and my sisters for a woodland walk. I LOVED IT. There were so many things to check out and explore. Once again every time I went back to Kate she gave me a treat.

Kate tried to take a group photo of us all, but I was just so excited for exploring I found it hard to stay still.

But I just about managed it.

Some thing really strange happened at home today too. While I was sleeping and dreaming about my fab walk, this weird tree, with lots of lights and glittery stuff on it appeared . I think the tree is called “Leave it” as that is what my Humum’s say when I go near it. I got lots of treats for sitting still near it, so I think that is what I shall do a lot of rather than try and eat it.

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Another Day, Another Puppy Class

It was very misty out today and my Humum Kate took be to a different puppy class this morning, it was outside and a bit chilly. She said it would be good for me to learn in as many different places as possible.

Kate was very pleased with me, as I focused really well on her. Well she still feeds me treats when I look at her, so why wouldn’t I.😁

While we are training, well I call it playing, a horse came by, really close. I wasn’t afraid, and Kate rewarded me with more treats .

I did some great recall work and focusing around the other pups and we finished the puppy class with a noise box. I loved it and wasn’t afraid of the noise. To be fair, It was just like a big food bowl with noisy stuff in it.

I am really liking this thing called “Training”. When can we go again Kate?

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My 1st day at Puppy School

Today, my Humum Kate, took me to some where she called Puppy School

Kate has done loads of training with me already, but she said she wanted to see how awesome I was training around other puppies, so we went some where other than The Canine Hub. My humum said the more places I train, the better and I would be also going to another puppy school on Sunday.

I listened really well to our teacher, Laura.

It was great, every time I looked at Kate, she gave me a treat. I was fab at doing sit, down, stands too.

I also smashed walking nicely on my lead, although there was another lovely spaniel girlie pup that I wanted to say hi to.

We finished with a really fun recall game. Laura asked me to demonstrate it.

I really liked puppy school and can’t wait to go next week.