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All clear at the vets.

My mum’s were really pleased with me last night, as I didn’t need them to come down and comfort me. I think it was because they left the kitchen light on.

I had a great, fun, fab run around our field today with both my sisters, Roxy and Gem.

I slept most of the afternoon, with a couple of blasts around the garden with Gem.

My Humum’s then took me up the vets for a puppy introduction and a quick once over. All the vets and nurses thought I was fab. A great weight for my age, good ears (although I and my Mum’s think they are awesome) fab coat and all in all I am looking good. They did say I needed another set of jabs at the end of the month. The vets said I was very well behaved, even though my Kate and Lorrie couldn’t come in.

At the vets

Humum Kate also did a great training session outside the vets with me. I am working hard on learning my new name and focusing back to Kate when other distractions are around. Kate was very pleased with me.

A busy day was wrapped up with a socially distanced, footpath meet up with Humum Lorrie’s Sister, niece and nephew. They all thought I was awesome. (Which of course, I am )

I now need to sleep đź’¤

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